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Mag-A-Wish DIY Qiao Guo Kit with instructional video and materials

Early (Magpie) Bird Price for pre-orders made by 31st July: 
$21 (UP: $28) + Free Booster Pack


Each box makes 3.

Just add water -- all ingredients, packaging and tools are provided! 

We've 6 additional flavours representing the different dialect and customs. Each kit is a "blind box" that comes with 1 of the 6 extra flavours

Desiccated Coconut - Hainanese 海南

Red Dates - Cantonese 广东

Longan - Teochew 潮州

Mugwort Powder & Sesame - Hakka 客家

Roasted Soy Bean Powder - Hokkien 福建

Hazelnuts - New Migrants 新移民

Mag-A-Wish DIY Qiao Guo Kit

$28.00 Regular Price
$21.00Sale Price
  • Delivery Dates: 19 July / 26 July / 2 Aug
    Delivery fee: $4.90

    *Orders have to be placed at least 2 days prior of the delivery date. 

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