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"Make a Wish Magpie" Public Programme

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Crochet Workshop (Beginner)

No experience needed!

This public workshop experience is run by Tiny Rabbit Hole and its paid facilitators and paid crocheters (for magpie skins). You will get to customise your own crochet magpie by adding eyes, mouth, bells and stuffing to a pre-made crochet magpie skin. You can even add your own personal touches using coloured felt! All materials and tools will be provided in this facilitated session. Seal your magpie plushie by writing your wish on coloured paper for your wishes to take flight!

Customised by our participants!


Crochet Kit (Intermediate)

Make your very own crochet magpie plushie with our all-in-one kit! This kit, produced in conjunction with Tiny Rabbit Hole, contains everything you need (yarn, stuffing, eyes, bells, felt, paper) to create up to 5 magpie plushies, and comes with a limited edition Qixi Fest cotton canvas drawsting bag. It is suitable for people with intermediate skills in crochet. Come be part of our revival of the Qixi Festival!

About Our "Make a Wish Magpie" Public Programme

According to folklore, magpie birds form a bridge every year during the Qixi festival to reunite stars separated across the Milky Way. Over time, the magpies came to be known for “helping others accomplish their goals” (成人之美).

In Singapore, our foremothers formed collectives known as Milky Way Associations. They celebrated the Qixi festival with public displays of handicrafts and honoured the custom of wishing upon the stars for skills in arts and crafts such as in needlework and handicrafts (Qiqiao, 乞巧).

The general belief is that when you showcase and display handicraft skills during the festival, your wishes will come true faster. Here at Qixi Fest, we proudly reimagine this tradition through our two signature public programmes (Beginner Crochet Workshop and Intermediate Crochet Kit) conducted in collaboration with vendor Tiny Rabbit Hole.

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