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Hi, my name is QiQi!

你好, 我的名字是七七!

I am the magpie mascot of Qixi Fest. Every year, I help the Weaver Girl (Vega) and Cowherd (Altair) stars reunite by forming a bridge with my fellow magpies across the Milky Way. Come and celebrate with me!

About QiQi - Mascot of Qixi Fest

QiQi is named after the date that Qixi Festival falls on, the seventh day of the seventh month in the lunar calendar. QiQi was designed in shades of blue, the colour of the night sky, with star motifs to symbolise the Milky Way. He wears a seven-pointed star and a helpful smile, always pointing the way to new happenings and events for participants of Qixi Fest. He symbolises one of the magpies that form the Magpie Bridge, which plays an important part in the myth behind Qixi Festival. Read on to learn more about Qixi Festival!

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