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Pay for a beneficiary to experience one of our festival highlights — our 1,000 Wishes programme! For more details on this programme, learn more on our page here.


Beneficiaries from Volunteer Welfare Organisations (VWOs) will get to customise magpie plushies and learn about the festival’s heritage and cultural origins over Qixi pastries and tea. The session is facilitated by vendor Tiny Rabbit Hole. The completed plushies will be used to form a “Magpie Bridge” — a Qixi Fest community art installation at the event’s mega carnival on 19 and 20 August in Chinatown. The customised magpies will be returned to beneficiaries thereafter.  


Qixi Fest is working with SGCares to reach out to 1,000 beneficiaries (seniors, youth/children) to participate in the programme. To help make this programme possible,* individuals are welcomed to sponsor a beneficiary for $77.00. You can support up to 12 beneficiaries via this check out page.


Thank you for supporting our programme! If you’d like to sponsor more than 12 beneficiaries, and for further donations from $1,000.00 and above (as an individual or a corporate sponsor), please email us as for more details.


*Administrative fees and logistics costs, for matters such as engaging professional engineers and craftsmen to construct the “Magpie Bridge” display, are absorbed by Qixi Fest. 

Pay for a Beneficiary (sponsor participants for our 1,000 Wishes programme)

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